Change shortcut: with Krita 2.3 beta-2

silvio grosso grossosilvio at
Sun Oct 17 10:57:32 CEST 2010

Hi everyone, 

I have installed Krita 2.3 beta-2 on top of Kubuntu Maverick.
More precisely, through Virtualbox 3.2.10, I run Windows xp as host and Kubuntu as guest.
Naturally, Krita is a bit slow in reacting but this is normal with Virtual Machines ;-)

All in all, I haven't got anything to complain. 
Krita has really an impressive set of features ;-)

The only glitch encountered so far is related to one precise shortcut. 
In short, I didn't find the option to change the "redo" shortcut (Ctr+shift+Z).
I  would like to have the same shortcut as in Gimp, where you use Ctr+Y (instead of Ctr+shift+Z).

These are my steps:
1. I click into "Settings" and I choose "Configure Shortcuts";
2. I scroll the bar in order to change this shortcut to no avail (it is not available);
3. I even write "Ctr", into the search case, to no avail;
4. The Ctr+shift+Z shortcut is not available. Or, at least, I didn't find it :-)

Best regards,



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