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> I propose:
> o I can spent more time on the smudge problem, but I don't have any ideas
> to test, it will be quite huge exploration programming

add a composite op that does:
pixel1 * a + pixel2 * (1-a) (on all channels)

with a = pixel1_alpha / ( pixel2_alpha + (1- pixel2_alpha) * pixel1_alpha * 
opacity * mask )

Which translate to:
svn cp KoCompositeOpOver.h KoCompositeOpBlend.h
s/Over/Blend in KoCompositeOpBlend.h
Remove line 34 of KoCompositeOpBlend.h

Add a mechanism that inhibits l101 of KoCompositeAlphaBase.h in case of 

Add the new composite op to the color spaces, use it in line 169 of 

And if that does not work, an alternative is to set the alpha channel (in the 
blend composite op) to:
pixel1_alpha * a + pixel2_alpha * (1-a)

with a = opacity * mask

Good luck ;)

Cyrille Berger Skott
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