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Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Tue Oct 5 11:39:33 CEST 2010

Hi, my weekly overview of what is still blocking Krita 2.3. I think we've seen a really nice improvement in the state of Krita, but there are still plenty of issues left. I will be travelling a lot next week, because I will be attending the Qt Dev Days. Lukas is no longer full-time sponsored, but there is still sponsorship money for him to fix difficult bugs. Dmitry's arrangement continues.



  252451    maj   dimula73 at        ASSI   shapes still there, if flaten image 
  233950    maj   krita-bugs-null at   NEW    some filter preview have glitches 
  245870    maj   krita-bugs-null at   NEW    Gaussian Blur filter preview is blocky, the edges of the image are blurred weirdly 
  243691    maj   pentalis at        ASSI   Krita freezes for a long time after selecting filter on big image 


  251930    cra   boud at          ASSI   Remove pattern crash 
  248051    cra   cyb at              UNCO   Brightness/Contrast curve crash 
  242505    cra   cyb at              NEW    Krita crashes with brightness/contrast or levels on exr image 
  249343    cra   dimula73 at        ASSI   crash while closing krita in KisTileDataStore::~KisTileDataStore 
  253032    cra   dimula73 at        ASSI   Adding more than two shapes to a shape layer crashes Krita 
  251626    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   Painting with spray brush when Krita crashed 
  252332    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   Krita crashes on start 
  252517    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   Krita crash when trying to open Sony Alpha compressed RAW files 
  253093    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   Krita crashes when resizing text object 
  253113    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   The Application crashed after i used "File>Save as". 
  250963    cra   krita-bugs-null at   NEW    crash when opening the image size dialog 
  251645    cra   krita-bugs-null at   NEW    crash when using move tool 
  252173    cra   krita-bugs-null at   NEW    crash when closing krita while the filter dialog is open 
  252194    cra   krita-bugs-null at   NEW    Crash in levels filter 
  252357    cra   krita-bugs-null at   NEW    Crash in color adjustment curves 
  252878    cra   krita-bugs-null at   NEW    Crash when moving color selector window of filter brush "color to alpha" mode 
  251389    cra   krita-bugs-null at   REOP   crashes in transform tool due to background work

Failing unittests:

          7 - libs-pigment-TestKoIntegerMaths (Failed)
         29 - krita-image-KisConvolutionPainterTest (Failed)
         49 - krita-image-KisAsyncMergerTest (Failed)
        114 - krita-libbrush-KisAutobrushTest (Failed)
        119 - krita-plugin-format-jpeg_test (Failed)
        124 - krita-plugin-format-xcf_test (Failed)
        138 - krita-benchmarks-KisStrokeBenchmark (Failed)

X-Failing unittests:


Other issues:

* action queuing: this we will definitely need to postpone to 2.4, I am afraid. 
* smudge: this problem still festers

It might also be time now to start disabling stuff we won't get finished:

* my integrated brush editor for sure
* the lcms2 module? 
* compilation against unreleased versions of opengtl?

Another question is: is the new transformtool capable of enough 3d stuff that we can disable the 3d transform tool?

Boudewijn Rempt |
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