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Sun Nov 7 10:12:19 CET 2010

On Saturday 06 November 2010, David REVOY wrote:
> - Split panels : A weird step to save memory, and split all the
> storyboard panels into singles files.
> - Clean layout : With Scribus , create the panels and the clean text ;
> in each panel import the pictures on the disk, linked.
> ... And of course work on each panel while updating on the Scribus layout.
Well it is actually the part of the process that gave me the idea :) I was 
likely do I really have to manually cut my story board, and then to remerge 
the whole things together by hand ?

> - Work on each panel separately allow to switch software easily ( all 
> text / vector infos are done by Scribus , so Mypaint+Gimp+Krita+Alchemy 
> can play with the raster panel pictures )
Yes, even if CBS would be fully optimized to work with Krita, and probably 
highly dependent on it, it does not prevent to use other tools ! And that is 
where things like OpenRaster would come into play in the future.

> PS :  Just as reference to see how other developers managed the problem
> of panel, here is a video [1] of the panel tool of Manga Studio ( witch
> is imo the most advanced digital tool for comic creation ). I know it,
> because here I have an unused license of the EX 3.0 I bought years ago.
> [1]
> <>

Cool video. Close to what I had in mind (not sure about the rasterize step, I 
would try to keep the layout as long as possible).

Cyrille Berger Skott
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