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= History of a crazy idea

What most of you knows is that I am an avid fan of comic books :) What none of 
you knows (yet) is that I have been thinking of making my own for a long time 
(and probably will never go far ;) ), and I actually started such a project 
four years ago, but it has been stale between my lack of skill, and my lack of 
time to work on my skills due to the need to fix krita :) But now that Krita 
needs less fixing, and after seing Animtim comic on the forum, I got motivated 
on resurecting my comic project. While I was working on that, among my mess of 
files that serve as the project, I got the bright idea to do coding instead... 
actually I didn't do much more code than a box generator [1], [2], but after 
finishing I realise that I would need a new application to be even more 
efficient. That is where comes the idea of the "Comic Book Studio".

= Relation with krita

I think Krita is becoming an excellent software for drawings and artwork 
creation, no doubt about that. But it is a one-piece-of-art software, while a 
comic book is composed of a set of them (I guess you could put all your 
pages/boxes into one file, but you might need more memory than needed). So 
what I am suggesting is to have a new application (probably linking to krita 
image/ui ) which would handle the comic book workflow and start krita when it 
needs to the drawing part.

= The scope

I want to cover the full process, from scenario writting, story board 
writting, classification of concept art, background stories, etc... Using 
KDE/KOffice technologies, most of the code will be maintained by other people 

= One workflow, and do it right

With CBS I want to support only one workflow, and do it right and well. If the 
workflow does not suit your needs, pass along :) Well actually, if someone 
wants to come and offer support for other way of working, it would be fine for 
me, as long it is maintanable. But myself, I want to focus on producing the 
application I would want to use.

Also, over the years, I have read several books on comics and interview from 
comics maker, and they tend to all follow a workflow that is similar, so I am 
rather convinced we can come up with an application that will fit a large 
number of people.

= Defining the workflow

While I am set on supporting one workflow, there is not yet a precise 
definition of the workflow :) I intend to work on defining that over the next 
few monthes, as I make progress on my comic. But I had like to have input on 
the definition. I am going to work on it in [3] (nothing to see yet), and it 
could actually be used as a basis for a nice tutorial on comic making :)

Is there anyone interested in defining a workflow ?


Cyrille Berger Skott
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