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Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Mon Nov 1 09:44:54 CET 2010

Here we are again -- I think we have made great progress in the past week, but it's still good to have an overview of what is blocking us:

Failing unittests:

         80 - krita-image-KisConvolutionPainterTest (Failed)
        100 - krita-image-KisAsyncMergerTest (Failed)
        154 - krita-ui-KisKraSaverTest (Failed)
        161 - krita-ui-KisCoordinatesConverterTest (Failed)
        165 - krita-libbrush-KisAutobrushTest (Failed)
        170 - krita-plugin-format-jpeg_test (Failed)

The coordinatesconvertertest seems to be a regression.


  233871    maj   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   errors when launching krita from dolphin or a plasma folder view 
  233950    maj   krita-bugs-null at   NEW   some filter preview have glitches 
  255682    maj   krita-bugs-null at   NEW   Krita freezes after paste of shape 

  254394    cra   dimula73 at   ASSI   Crash on paintig with release build 
  254545    cra   dimula73 at   ASSI   Crash on changing layer visibility 
  255617    cra   dimula73 at   ASSI   Crash on moving layer with applied transparency mask 
  253093    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   Krita crashes when resizing text object 
  255781    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   Painting Transparence Layer 
  255782    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   Delete transparency layer 
  253644    cra   krita-bugs-null at   NEW   crash when dragging a shape over a text shape

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