New brush dialog

JL VT pentalis at
Tue Jun 22 14:59:18 CEST 2010

>> > This is interesting: it is possible to define the area of spray by pixel
>> > map - brush footprint - brush mask: every pixel means a place for
>> > particle and opacity of pixel is saying what is the probability that
>> > particle will hit that place (0% to 100%). So spray would use the brush
>> > dialog twice - as particle type [spacing hidden] and as brush size [with
>> > spacing]. Something similar would be possible for hairy brush - so far
>> > Brush Tip define bristles, and every bristle could be some Brush Tip
>> > (now it is pixel or anti-aliased pixel)
>> Eeek... Would even a very advanced user understand that?
> I don't know -- enki, do you understand this concept?

I understand it. I think a tooltip would be just enough to let an
advancer user understand it without having to consult documentation.
Otherwise, if the documentation said just as much as this paragraph, I
think it'd be clear enough. Not everything needs to be clear and
apparent at first sight, not even Windows is completely obvious,
despite its fame as super easy(tm) and just works(tm).

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