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Cyrille Berger cberger at
Sun Jun 20 10:38:25 CEST 2010

On Thursday 17 June 2010, at wrote:
> > Are your QPainterPath shapes and Autobrush shapes different ? They seems
> > to have the same purpose. If so, maybe they could be merged somehow ?
> > What about Flake shape ? They have the advantage to be customizable by
> > the user. For example, double-clicking on a vector tip would open a new
> > Karbon or Krita window to edit the shape. Saving over would update the
> > brush tip.
> Autobrush/Softbrush is brush mask which has more attributes like softness
> or  density. This QPainterPath is just pure polygon filled with color and
> with anti-aliased edges. I don't think they should be merged, but I need
> to hear Cyrille here.

It is actually a good question, most option like softness/density/noise can 
also be used with QPainterPath based brush. It might need work to make it 

But the way I imagined path-based shape is that we would have a mini editor of 
a curve, based on flake and using only the path shape tool editor. The user 
would choose a default shape as a starting point (circle, rectangle, triangle, 
whateverangle). That's the general idea.

But what I don't know is where to show that editor. There are a couple of 

1) a new tab in the brush selection for "path" brush
2) add a "edit curve" button to the autobrush tab, that would transform the 
current brush in a "path" brush and show the path editor
3) in a separate dialog accessible through "tool > edit brushes"

Between, 1) and 2) I prefer 2) but it requires that we have made the proper 
adjustment to make path brush to support more options.

And I am thinking of 3) (that would also be used to create predefined pixel 
brushes) to avoid clutering the interface with something that artists might 
not used when they draw, they might just want to have their collection of 
shape (on the other hand, they might want to have their collection of shape 
and want to be able to fiddle with them while drawing).

Cyrille Berger

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