New brush dialog at
Thu Jun 17 08:11:11 CEST 2010


I'm working on polishing spray paintop and make in more consistent with other
paintops. The aim is to support Photoshop brush presets.
Basically I added support of the brush tips from standard  brush dialog to 
spray so now you can spray Auto brush, Predefinned brush and even Text :)
And I separated Shape dynamics from the spray into one dialog.

The old spray supported also QPainterPath brush. It is brush defined by points 
(polygon) and filled with constant color with nicely anti-aliased edges. 
Spray supported two shapes - circle and rectangle. It is easy to add new 
shapes - just need to define some algorithm. These brushes are easy to scale 
(scale the points, not pixel mask) compared to preddefined brushes which looks 
quite bad when scaled too much. This brush could be used for rasterizing some 
vector file format maybe? Or I can image to do "random shape" with it easily 
to support something more like what alchemy is doing. 

Then there is pixel in spray. And it's anti-aliased version. I think they are 
usable for details and pixel work. Aliased version is sharp, giving rough look 
and anti-aliased version is for boud :) And this type of particle in spray 
also simulate spray from KolourPaint or MS Paint. Autobrush with 1px diameter 
is not pixel, even it's anti-aliased version looks different.

Then there is QImage brush. You load one picture in tons of format supported 
by QImage and when you have kdelibs, even more formats. The use case is,
I made a photo of a leaf and I want to test it quickly how it looks when I 
paint with it. Yes, we have preddefined brushes, but I don't know if supporting 
pure jpg, png without meta information there is the way to go. I don't think 

I think they all are usable and I want to support them in spray at least. 

First what do you think about those brushes? 
I started to work on making them KisBrush-based brushes but it has 
some problems. First the UI. Should I add one Tab with all of these brushes to 
the standard dialog? Or maybe should I add More Tabs? (for every type of brush 
I describe - Polygon, Pixel, Image).

Other thing is also performance, but that later. I just wanted to draw a 
picture of what I'm doing right now.

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