Krita local selections

PEGON Marc pe.marc at
Sat Jan 30 20:27:04 CET 2010

I'm trying to make the local selections work according to
But the way these local selections should work is still quite vague, so
i would like your advice, especially about boud's suggestion to add a
third icon to enable/disable selection...
Some people are concerned about the fact that a third icon might make
the use of local selections too complicated for users, however, i'm not
sure it's possible to handle the local selections nicely only with the
visibility icon (plus marching ant animation are sometimes disturbing,
and people want to be able to hide it without disabling the selection).

Also, i'm not sure what the actions "Deselect" and "Deselect all" should
do in particular cases. For example, if i make a selection (a global
selection), and then create a local selection mask from this global
selection, then i have 2 selections enabled at the same time : the
global selection, and the local selection (which are the same). It's the
local selection which is used preferentially : if a local selection
exists and is enabled, then it's the one which is returned by
KisLayer::selection(). But then, what should the "Deselect" action do ?
Disable the local selection ? Disable the global selection ?
Problem is, whether we choose to disable the local selection of the
global selection, we would have to do "Deselect" twice in order to see a
difference : indeed, if you disable the global selection, the local
selection remains here and enabled, so you have to do "deselect" on more
time to deselect the local selection.
So maybe we should Disable both ? (but then we would have to add a new
kis command since neither kis_deselect_local_selection_command nor
kis_deselect_global_selection_command matches this new command).
Another solution is to disable the global selection when creating a
local selection from it, or when enabling an existing local selection,
so that there are never a global selection and a local selection active
at the same time.

Another thing : what should happen when using the selection tool ?
should it modify the current local selection if one is enabled, and
create a global selection if none is enabled ?

I really need clarifications on this to do anything. Thanks !


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