Fixed bug in KisPerChannelFilter that prevented it from loading/saving bookmarks v.3

Dmitry Kazakov dimula73 at
Thu Mar 5 22:38:27 CET 2009

Hello everybody!
Here is my third try of the patch for KisPerChannelFilter.

What is done:

+ Reverted to the first version of the patch with additional workaround for
that strange interface toXML/toLegacyXML.
+ Now saving/loading bookmarks works well even with .kra files
= Caching of transfers is still present in comparison with the second
version of the patch =)

Could someone take a look at it to see whether there are style or some
obvious mistakes before the commit?

And an issue for the dispute: why do we have such a strange API?

The first issue is toXML/toLegacyXML stuff. These functions are implemented
in _different_ classes although they do the same things. More than that,
both of them are called from different parts of krita: bookmark manager uses
toXML, kis_kra_ uses toLegacyXML Why not have the only one? The only united

And the second issue is defaultConfigurations of the filter. The specific
Kis<smth>FilterConfiguration class for the filter can be (and is) created in
two different places:
KisBaseProcessor::defaultConfiguration(const KisPaintDeviceSP pd) and
KisFilterConfigurationFactory::createDefault(). Why?! The same thing with
KisFilterConfigurationFactory::create(...). It's a clone. Why is it so?
Speaking truly i can't understand the meaning of these factory-classes at
all =(

Dmitry Kazakov
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