Paintop preview usuability

Cyrille Berger cberger at
Mon Jul 27 10:42:50 CEST 2009


I have been thinking about a few things that bother me about the paintop 
* first, I am wondering if we don't have a discoverability issue, nothing 
indicates that there is a popup widget, I wonder if we shouldn't have some 
kind of arrow next to it (the same would apply for brushes and gradients)

* but more important to me, currently the preview works only for paint paintop 
(the one that add colors) while for modifying paintop (eraser, filter, smudge, 
deform, duplicat) the area remains white. What we would need for those paintop 
is to draw on a non-transparent layer, with some kind of pattern (a checker ?) 
and to render the layer on a background with a different color so that 
transparency is visible.
What I am wondering is wether we want to have different settings of the preview 
(transparent layer + white background for paint pantop, and pattern for 
modifying paintop), or we use the same for all paintops ?

Cyrille Berger
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