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> This patch [1] fixes the rulers. I'm sending it as I don't want to break
> svn
> master and I'm expecting my hard drive to die soon.
> If you use git, it should be easy to apply patches by
> git apply ~/../koffice/000*-patch-name
> [1]
> I mistakely commited to my branch one paintop called experimental, so just
> comment it in CMakeLists.txt in paintops dir.
> boud suggested to commit to svn. So if you found issues, let me know so
> that I
> will fix them before commit to svn.
> This patches are so far just for QPainter canvas. OpenGL canvas should be
> easier.

There is one problem I found: When you zoom in so that the scroll bars show
up, you can only scroll to the border of the image but not further.
Appart from that I ok with commiting.
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