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> Hi,
> when you work in Gimp and you want to clear the actual layer, you do a
> selection (Ctrl+A) and then Clear ( Del ).
> In Krita you have to go to menu Edit -> Clear
> Now we have also Delete entry in that menu. What about to join this into
> one
> with Clear and follow the same work steps as in Gimp? So basicly Delete
> could
> be renamed to Clear and it would also work on selections?
> Or if you disagree, could we add some keyboard shortcut for Clear?

The plan was to combine them. It's in the TODO file, if anyone still looks
at that ;)
Basically delete is from flake, while clear comes from Krita. So you need to
have a solution that works on all layers/masks like shape layers or paint
layers with vector selections.
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