Infinite canvas issues at
Thu Jul 2 18:24:48 CEST 2009

Today I resolved issue with update rectangle which is moved. It was in 

KisCanvas2::updateCanvasProjection(const QRect & rc)
vRect had to be translated by origin

Now the rect is in correct position from the view perspective
There is line
which gets rc which is in image coordinates.

in KisPrescaledProjection::updateCanvasProjection(const QRect & rc)
// this does not have to be moved I think -- tool calls updateCanvasProjection 
// with rc in image coordinates
m_d->projectionCache.updateUnscaledCache( rc );

// this vRect is in view coordinates (widget coordinates I suppose too) and 
// probably should be moved by origin
QRect vRect = viewRectFromImagePixels(rc);
if (!vRect.isEmpty()) {

I will add document origin to prescale projection and test it
If you have anything to say to this, let me know. And I invite you to play 
with the updated patch [1] ;)



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