krita 2.0 in four thousand words

Cyrille Berger cberger at
Mon Jan 19 10:28:39 CET 2009


only application for: Pluggable tools <= sounds a bit wrong, gimp can also 
have tools as plugins.

"OpenCTL isn't available as a dependency for every distribution yet, because 
LLVM is a bit of a difficult dependency itself." <= while this might be true 
this also completely unfair, I still have no report from any distribution with 
a build error.

"Based on OpenCTL are OpenGTL (modify more than pixel at a time) and OpenShive 
(inspired by Adobe's XXX)," <= I would rather say "OpenCTL is part of OpenGTL 
(Graphics Transformation Languages) which also contains OpenShiva (an 
interpreter for a programmation language inspired by Adobe's PixelBlender, and 
which apply a kernel transformation, i.e. use multiple pixels as input)". (or 
something like that)

Ah and loading ORA files from MyPaint works "somehow" now, we just need to 
agree on the order of layer in the stack when saved :/

Cyrille Berger
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