krita/koffice registries patch [2/2]

Thomas Zander zander at
Thu Dec 31 15:43:36 CET 2009

We have a lot more registries than 2 years ago and because of Windows compiler
all of those are forced to have a name() method, while nobody outside of krita 
uses that at all.
I did the research today and see 2 registries using KoID and thus name() 
inside of Krita. There are 12 registries in koffice/libs and only the colorSpace 
one (pigment) uses KoID.

So, what about moving the listKeys() method to the registry that actually uses
it? It means duplicating 4 lines of code 3 times, but it frees up much much 
more than that by making clear that just because its a factory it doesn't mean 
it requires a user-visible name.
The majority of the removing of this code is not in this patch, btw. Just a 
small part.
Thomas Zander
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