connect(m_d->, SIGNAL(sigImageModified()), this, SLOT(setModified())) not called if opening a jpeg

Adam nospam at
Tue Dec 15 00:40:57 CET 2009

while doing the AutoSave junior job i noticed, that it doesn't work, if  
opening a jpeg. I've investigated this now, but don't know, how to resolve  
it in a clean way.

This is, what i've found out:
the method "bool KoDocument::openFile() {}" calls  
"loadNativeFormat(importedFile) (File KoDocument.cpp line 1279)" only, if  
it is a native .kra image (without filters, or at least not with the jpeg  

"bool KoDocument::loadNativeFormat(const QString & file_) {}" in turn  
calls somehow "bool KisDoc2::completeLoading(KoStore *store) {}" which  
does "connect(m_d->, SIGNAL(sigImageModified()), this,  

this connection is vital for the AutoSave and maybe other current or  
future features.


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