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silvio grosso grossosilvio at
Sat Dec 12 10:15:47 CET 2009

Hello everybody,

> Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> We _are_ over the 3000 euro target, but I would really like to reach 
> the 4000 euro line so Lukas can work for another month on Krita, fixing bugs.

Ok. Just a question. 
I have noticed that kde's users have stopped donating because the counter is "blocked" at 713 euros.
Is this true? In other words, it is not due to a lack of updating in the counter for some "strange" paypal reasons?
If everything works as expected in the money counter, It would be a pleasure, for me, to add the 
remaining 287 euros.
This in order  to reach the 4000 euros expected for getting Lukas work an extra month:-)
> Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> Actually, we have a number of arrow shapes already in Krita, because we 
> integrate all the vector shapes of Karbon. Maybe those are already enough? 
Well. They are definitely more than enough :-) The only "problem" is that I can not find the way to use them in Krita :-(
I suppose because:
1. I use a very old version of Krita. That is, 1.6.3 version, which is shipped as default with Ubuntu Karmic (Gnome desktop).
Maybe the arrows are available on Krita 2.x series?
2. I have looked for them in the Krita's old manual ( but I didn't find any reference to such arrows in it.
3. I have tried to "google" a bit to no avail (I didn't find any information for using arrows with Krita on Google).
4. I have thought the arrows were not available in the latest Krita development release because 
they were not "visible" in the many screen-shots, concerning its GUI, you published in the Krita'swebpage :-)

To recap, I'll try to get the latest version of Krita in order to try and use the arrows :-)

Best regards and keep up your wonderful work on Krita ;-)



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