bug bug bug (pop up palette)

Vera Lukman shichan.karachu at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 21:22:33 CET 2009

>> The number of
>> total favorite brushes is limited to 8
> Sounds good -- especially since some research in the sixties seems to have
> proved that people only can remember between 7 and 9 items anyway (I've never
> read the research, but it gets quoted a lot, so it must be good!).

I actually updated the code again last night and changed it back to
12. The math works fine with 12 now. Maybe I should switch it back to
8? I know from my GUI course that humans can only remember from 5 - 7
items, so it's good to put at most 7 menus. Maybe I should follow this
rule and go back to 6 or 9?

> I'll make a new screenshot for next week's this week in krita :-)

Thank you boud! :D


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