beginners question about printing

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Wed Oct 15 18:17:09 CEST 2008

david wrote:
> I've opened a tif image 2439 * 1319 pixels and I'm trying to print it on an 
> epson stylus photo r2400
> I can't work out how to reduce the size of the image to print on A4. No matter 
> how I print, it comes out cropped/full size. There is a driver option to reduce 
> to fit but it seems not to do anything.
> Any suggestions?

Save it in a format <OOo writer/KWord/your favorite page layout 
software> understands, and use that? That's what I always do when I need 
to control the size something prints at, and I don't trust <favorite 
graphics program> to Do The Right Thing.

I've been known to do this sort of thing with Inkscape, also; Inkscape 
unfortunately also is unable to set the size, or rather, it doesn't 
allow you to change DPI, so if you want to design something as a certain 
pixel size, that forces you, as far as Inkscape, into a certain 
"physical" size as well. From Casper's reply, I'm assuming Krita 1.x has 
a similar problem.

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