[GSoC proposal] Airbrush and Calligraphy paintops

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Mar 29 01:07:34 CET 2008

Fela Winkelmolen wrote:
> When using an 
> input device that don't support a parameter directly (e.g. rate of the 
> airbrush when using a mouse) there needs to be an easy way to change that 
> parameter while drawing, for example using the keyboard and/or the mouse 
> wheel.

On further thought, I wonder if this should be part of the proposal. 
Keep in mind that strokes in krita can be drawn with several tools (e.g. 
freehand, bezier, line), and that the tilt/pressure/etc parameters 
ideally should be a function of the KisTool, and not the brush+paintop. 
IOW, the rest of the proposal deals only with the bits that come after 
KisTool, but this bit would be best done by modifying KisTool (which 
also means that you are affecting *all* brushes).

I suppose you could hack on the freehand tool, just keep in mind that 
you're dealing with a different part of the pipeline here.

> == How I will proceed ==
> 1. Getting to know the architecture of Krita well and getting comfortable with 
> the code. Understand how the operations will need to be implemented (making a 
> rough design).

...hopefully with the brush and pigment separated and distinctly 
configurable ;-).

> 2. Write the code, the interface won't need to be usable yet at this stage, 
> it's just so that I can play with various options etc. Implement most needed 
> features.

Just a comment; how will you test it if the interface isn't usable? :-) 
Maybe I am confused what you mean by "interface".

> 3. Find out how exactly the various parameters should interact with the 
> behavior of the tool. This means mostly testing, and then adapt the code to 
> the results of the testing. My roomate, who draws a lot, can help me with 
> this, and I will try to get feedback from other people too (for example 
> posting on the mailing list).

I'd prefer the UI allowing one to choose what stroke (tool) parameters 
to map to which brush parameters, so this will just mean 'pick sensible 
presets' :-).

Again, I *really* hope you are accepted; a natural airbrush will be a 
wonderful addition to krita.

Do you know where your towel is?

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