GSoC proposal: Workspaces capabilities for Krita

Valerie valerie_vk at
Fri Mar 28 09:22:23 CET 2008


(by the way, next time use plain text instead of html :D )

The difficulty, as the others have apparently discussed, is that
XMLGUI is rather lacking in flexibility, so a replacement for
that may need to be coded first before everything gets done.

On the other hand, it may be possible to start internal changes
within a more limited project. Krita may then progressively
implement the elements needed for a fully user-configurable
workspace system after several versions. The advantage of workspaces
is that since they are internal, they probably won't in the
meantime interfere with the rest of the user experience, so they
won't start complaining.

All in all, it'd be nice if you could discuss with the other
Krita developers over IRC to see what portion of project can
be a step in the right direction. I have a "drawer" resource
management proposal, for example, that could eventually come
in handy, though isn't a very pressing matter since Krita
doesn't have That many brushes yet.

That said, I wouldn't mind helping out with ideas on any other GUIs.
When work on workspaces start, I wouldn't be surprised if the
initial versions lack in configurability, as a whole new interface
for loading specific features easily would need to be implemented.
In the meantime though, the users would still end up with several
highly usable workspaces (we'll just have to pray that users don't
complain about the inability to start color mixers while in batch
photo editing mode, or file gallery mode - used for batch photos -
while in painting mode. Wait a moment, that last feature could be
useful if the artist wants to draw objects separately in great
detail before bringing them all together. Hmm...)

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