Yet Another Brush Proposal

Valerie valerie_vk at
Wed Mar 26 02:28:56 CET 2008

To your proposals, I think as long as this applies:

> > What's the interface though?
> Just like it is now. 
> Basically, as you say, I'd do it architecturally
> without making any easily noticeable changes in the user experience.

I'm fine with the idea! :) *thumbs up*

It would require some architectural changes, and for resource management
to be implemented Before this is done (else you'd end up with a hell
of a strange "brush" with 100 parameters :P ). So it would take a
while even if accepted. Maybe Krita 3.0? 

Hopefully by then Krita will have started building the community
that is absolutely vital for extra resources and deciding the
right presets (I have no idea about you, but I know smack about
what consists of the ideal preset! Once the advanced brush architecture
and management system are set up, Krita will need to establish a 
"default presets" team, preferably of real artists, and a way to
get people to contribute "natural" brush shapes (not all brush shapes
are only calculated by algorithms) under the CC license, that the
above-mentioned default team must then sort.

No offense to Gimp, but I'd rather not end up with the same default
creation process as them. I mean... what's with the gazillion
round brushes cluttering the brush panel when there's a perfectly
good brush generator with resize and re-shape options? D: (I
throw away those round brushes with each new release. It's
cluttered enough without a decent brush management system)

(speaking of bad defaults, I'm frustrated to no end by the fact that
the default Gimp gradients are non-editable and you have to make
a copy to do anything with those. I mean, sure, it prevents you from
messing them up, but what's the point if they're unusable? I 
recommend for all Krita resources to be editable. There'd be a 
"revert to default" option for those who mess up too much)

That said, I still vote for having all the configurable options in
one place: in the toolbar, for two reasons:
1. Nothing's uglier than scattered tool options. I will spare you
the annoyances generated for me by the fact that Gimp's tool options
are all over the place. It's more easy to access this way too.
2. You compare bristles and paint translucence. For me, though,
the "opacity" of a pencil stroke depends on how hard I press it, ie
it's in the same place where I control "angle", "spacing", "smoothing"
and everything else. ;)

Same with paint actually. How pronounced the bristle strokes are
could also depend on how hard I press it, since the contact surface
would be bigger.

Oh by the way:

> Heck, no! I want the interface to actually *change* on April 1. Every 
> April 1 ;-). Easter egg, anyone?

The users would probably respond with an "April fool" of their own
though by submitting dozens of bug reports on Krita being attacked
by viruses. D:

> If it's only in Bezier mode anyway, I'd implement it via 'fake 
> pressure'...

Hmm. Nice name there!

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