Yet another brush interface proposal

Valerie valerie_vk at
Tue Mar 25 10:21:47 CET 2008

> > It sounds fine
> > for generic brushes, but aren't natural media supposed to interact
> > in more complex manners than just a masked form, or is that behavior
> > included?

> That's the problem and why I think that it doesn't make sense to
> add another layer of indirection and instead abstract the generic
> brush-based paintop code (with all current and possible future
> options) and put it in something the pencil, the brush, the airbrush,
> the smudge and the filter paintops can all use.

Well, my understanding was that different painting algorithms use
different concepts. For those that use a mask concept, the resulting
mask could always be an option for whatever is needed. For those with
more advanced features, this would not be possible. It's a bit like
filters: some filters may have shared libraries, others may not. So
can't this be a case-by-case concept in Krita?

> I discussed this yesterday with Emanuele and I think I've got a
> good design for that, albeit one that will not be advanced
> initially as your proposals, ui-wise.

Oooh, so you've already got an UI concept? My own UI proposals have
many sub-components that may take time to code. I just stuffed them
in there to show the possibilities. Will the one you have in mind
be somewhat similar (as in, does it put options into the toolbar,
or am I still stuck with the big palettes to the side?)

Speaking of all that, you've reminded me that I have to try to think
up an UI for creating brush presets (not that anybody has to accept
it). As far as I'm concerned, the First step will be to chose the
underlying brush type/algorithm: generic, watercolor, ink, eraser,
filter, whatever. Once you've chosen it, you can't change anymore
because all the options refer to the options available for That
type of brush.

Step 2 could be to define a name, eventual description, and icon.
I'm pondering what to do for values though:
- does the brush start with some general default values that the user
can just tweak (or just copy another brush preset first)
- or does a more general panel first pop up to have you define the
Preset's "defaults"?

And where do you stick "create new brush"?


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