Yet another brush interface proposal

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Mon Mar 24 17:17:27 CET 2008

Valerie wrote:
> Dotted lines for example: it's pretty easy to see how they can
> be achieved with the generic interface, but the ideal interface
> is:
> - dash type (round, square)
> - dash size
> - dash distance
> - with the ability to define presets of course

The way you'd do this short of a dedicated interface would be to use a 
gradient paint color... i.e. 'color based on distance along stroke', as 
I was talking about in my previous mail.

> As for the the double-edge stroke, it is actually my most-wanted
> feature from a graphics program, and the reason I first took interest
> in Inkscape (it was near impossible in Gimp), then in Krita. 

The basic problem with this is that it's a stroke that cannot be done in 
real-time, because you can't calculate any given part of the stroke 
until the entire stroke is completed. (At best you can hope it's fast 
enough to have a dynamically-updating preview.) Not to say that it 
shouldn't be done, just that this is a fairly significant caveat in 
terms of how it could be implemented.

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