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Cyrille Berger cberger at
Thu Mar 20 13:08:19 CET 2008

On Thursday 20 March 2008, emanuele at wrote:
> - KisPaintopSettings -> KisOperationState. This class stores the state
> that the PaintOperation will use to operate, so it's an operation
> state :) I have some doubt on how and what should pass this class to
> the paint operation though... I think it's done by the paint tool.
> Another problem I see in this class is that something in it is
> serializable, some other thing is not. For example: this class stores
> the actual position of the mouse,
Since when ? mouse position is stored in KisPaintInformation.

> and there is no meaning in serialize it.
Wrong :) there is a meaning to serialize mouse position in the action 
recording framework. And KisPaintInformation is allready serializable, like 

> - KisPaintopSettings -> KisOperationSettings, containing the
> serializable bits.
>                          This class could even be loaded from the
> paintop without
>                          being passed from the tool, it could read the
> settings from a registry or something
That's what is done now.

>                       -> KisOperationState. This is the information that
> only has a sense inside the overall operation the user is doing right now,
> and has no meaning outside it, so it shouldn't be serialized. It contains
> the
> pointer state,
>                          and some other things needed by the tool or by the
>                          paintop. It preserves the information between two
>                          paintop creations.
Why would the mouse position be preserve between two paintop creations ?

Cyrille Berger

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