Questions for the Krita website content

Valerie valerie_vk at
Tue Jan 15 08:15:57 CET 2008

Hello! I've begun putting together the content for a Krita website.
Many sections are just rearranging existing sections into different
sections, for some I've been gathering what I can. Once I'm done,
I'm sticking everything together in a .tar file, and uploading it
somewhere so someone can correct the content and insert the proper 
coding (I don't know any website coding save very basic html, sorry!). 

The start of the website could coincide with the release of 
KOffice 2.0.

There's a few holes (and probably more to come) that I wish you could
answer though:

History section:

1. Who was the person who started Kimp in 1998?
2. When did Krita officially merge into KOffice? Was it when that
person from Kompany offered to help (then disappeared), or was it

FAQ section:

1. What do you need to compile Krita on a Linux distro...
- if you're not using KDE, or are using KDE 3.5
- (it should be straightforward if you're using KDE 4.0)
- what if you're a developer? What environments and libraries do you

2. Can Krita be compiled on Windows or Mac OSX, and if so, what are 
the requirements? Do you need to install KDE 4.0 once it comes out
on those platforms? Will there be Zeropackages or such available

Contributions section:

1. Where do you go if you want to contribute...
- to the development
- to interface design
- to tutorials and documentation (and in what format)
- to give artworks
- to donate money
- anything else? 

^ Krita as I see it currently doesn't have a good platform for 
donating. Sure, you can tell everybody to head to the mailing list, 

Other items (part of them personal curiosity):

- is there Any chance that Krita's bug sorting system could migrate to
a more organized platform such as Launchpad? Inkscape has migrated to
Launchpad, and frankly I like its bug sorting system a lot more than
any other I've seen before: it's an incredibly easy to look platform
where users can quickly find out what new features have already been
proposed and/or are being worked on, and it even has a "questions"
section. I've tried looking at the kde bug sorter and frankly I can't
find anything.

- could Krita get more or better mailing list systems? Other major
graphics programs have at least several: one for announcements, one
for developers, one for users, one for each language etc.

- could Krita start using a "release note" system much like Inkscape
does right now?

- I have no idea how to do the content for the "developers" page, but
ah well. It doesn't prevent me from doing the other pages.

- also, the website will need lots of screenshots. Well... These can
always be taken when Krita is nearer stable release. By the way,
Boudewijn Rempt, is it me or is your blog not working?

- Just out of curiosity... of the new brush system: I know many things
can be mapped to the tablet. For those of us who can't get tablet
working on Linux, are there other dynamic brush effects such as jitters
and the ability to resize brushes other than generated round ones?
(okay, so this has nothing to do with the website... I'm curious though)

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