kimageshop Digest, Vol 53, Issue 5

Valerie valerie_vk at
Sat Jan 12 13:48:37 CET 2008

> Yes, sort-of. You need kdesupport, kdelibs and kdebase. From 
> koffice, filters, libs, krita and servicetypes should suffice. 
> If you are on OpenSUSE you can safely install the opensuse
> KDE4 and KDE4 devel packages using the one-click installer 
> and build krita against those packages. They will not interfere 
> with your kde3.5 environment at all. Other distributions might 
> be able to provide the same thing.

I see. I'll check out KDE4 at... a later date. Maybe long enough
for the most common problems to show up in Google so I know what
to expect. :P

> Actually, the koffice workspace is sort of missing in action
> in 2.0 right now. 

... oh.

> Yeah, we're kind of swamped just with coding work

Good luck! :)

As for attracting new developers, yes, having KDE 4 should make
development work more accessible. Krita still has a visibility 
problem though.

I'll try to help with the website some. As you may remember, I had
made some mockups some time ago, so I have a rough idea of how
content could be presented. It's not perfect though, it'd be nice
to have someone with webpage experience helping out.

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