Krita Workspace Proposal + Mock-ups

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Sat Jan 12 11:05:16 CET 2008

On Saturday 12 January 2008, Valerie wrote:
> Now that KDE 4.0 is out...
> Half out of curiosity: is it possible for one to build Krita 2.0
> without:
> - installing the whole of KDE 4.0 (I've switched to Kubuntu 7.10
> with KDE 3.5, but I don't Really want to switch to KDE 4 until I
> know it's stable enough)
> - installing the whole of KOffice (though I wouldn't mind it too much,
> I've checked out Kword and frankly I like it!)
> - and without ending up with lots of broken dependencies that will
> crash all of my other programs?

Yes, sort-of. You need kdesupport, kdelibs and kdebase. From koffice, filters, 
libs, krita and servicetypes should suffice. If you are on OpenSUSE you can 
safely install the opensuse KDE4 and KDE4 devel packages using the one-click 
installer and build krita against those packages. They will not interfere 
with your kde3.5 environment at all. Other distributions might be able to 
provide the same thing.

> Basically I've been rethinking the workspace concept a bit. I've
> recently noticed the KOffice workspace system as well, so in Krita
> it could be renamed taskspace to avoid confusion. But as I've been
> discovering things about Krita, I'd rather keep some things
> consistent if possible, so I'm curious to see where Krita 2.0 is
> headed.

Actually, the koffice workspace is sort of missing in action in 2.0 right now. 
Nobody was interested enough to keep it running.

> Though... You're all very busy with KOffice 2.0 right? I can
> always re-submit everything I have in mind later when you have
> less on your minds.

Yeah, we're kind of swamped just with coding work -- there's so much still to 
be done. Fortunately, we can now just use installed KDE4 packages to develop 
against, which is much easier. And it might also attract new developers who 
were put off by the rather complicated instructions for building kde4 on And then I need to start working on our release process...

> In the meantime would you like me to help on the content for a new
> website again? The biggest problem, obviously, is that I
> don't know what the new features will be. XD

At one point in time someone on irc turned up who also wanted to work on our 
website. But he disappeared :-(. David Powell has all ready to 
point to a place different from -- and we can get webspace 
for that on the koffice server, too -- but that needs to be organized. I'll 
ping him again.

Boudewijn Rempt

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