Krita Workspace Proposal + Mock-ups

Valerie valerie_vk at
Wed Jan 9 02:55:21 CET 2008

> Do not hesitate to fill wishes to, there is usually
> less people to discuss things but it's much better to remind
> developers about it.

I haven't done so yet, because I wanted to see if anybody had
other ideas on workspaces. :) As said, the current concept is
still very general. I'm actually thinking of submitting a 
modified proposal of my current workspace proposal, and see which 
one people prefer.

The current one divides workspaces into many parts, including one
for each style of painting. While that could work, people could
also consider it to be somewhat cluttered.

The modified workspace proposal would have fewer number of options:
- Painting
- Photo Editing
- General
- [maybe some other big category I've missed]

The resources would instead be arranged in a tree manner where 
resources can still be hidden or favored. Actually, it'd work
like bookmark organizers. Though with icons whenever possible. :D 
You can even call it "drawers" if you want, and corresponding
toolbars would be equipped with a drawer icon to load other 
drawers (now That's something more visual than the arrow I was
stuck with! ... no pun intended).

The advantage of this one compared to the other is that you end
up with fewer workspaces and have greater resource flexibility.
The disadvantage is that it makes bulkier and harder to export as
a whole, so you can scrap the "Import a workspace and get the 
exact same configurations (resources included) as your favorite 
artist!" Maybe the option isn't that important though. People can
just as easily just import brush sets and some settings separatly.

What do you think?

> What can easily be doable for a starter is list of activated 
> plugins, it's allready possible to disable plugins you don't 
> like (I don't remember if the UI is allready available, but by
> playing with configuration file you can do it), so it could be 
> possible to offer a list of disabled/enabled plugins for 
> photographer and an other for painter and etc...

Well, the idea was more to include shortcuts of common actions 
(icons included) at the top of the interface rather than disable
all the other plugins. Though that works too. That said, Krita
must first have the option of multiple workspaces, otherwise most
users (including me) will be too chicken to disable plugins in
case they might need it one day several years from now. :P

> Well think about the poor children presented with an overly
> complex adult word processor : 

Good point... the "Simple as hell" workspace...

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