noise generators (forked from: Krita user community?)

Cyrille Berger cberger at
Wed Feb 27 00:25:54 CET 2008

On Tuesday 26 February 2008, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Whee, now *that* would really be crazy. But I like it :-).
> So... am I understanding that (in krita 2.0 at least) you can have
> layers in different color spaces within the same document?
It's allready the case in 1.6.

> In that case, 
> then having the generators output in either 32-bit clamped (or 64-bit
> HDRI) grayscale is the way to go. Then we just need a downsampling
> gradient map "filter" that can convert into a non-grayscale colorspace.
> (In fact, making gradient map implicitly convert the input to a
> grayscale color space might make the back-end cleaner?) And since we
> need a gradient map anyway :-)... (This also takes all of the "how to do
> the mapping" stuff out of the equation, since it's merely leveraging
> existing framework.)

> > The colormapping would probably best be implemented in the colorspace
> > conversion system, that way we can go to any colorspace from the original
> > data, and generate, for instance, lab pixels instead of rgba.
> I'll still want a gradient map most of the time. Does that count as a
> colorspace conversion? (Certainly it takes input in one channel and
> spits out multiple channels.)
> Hmm... this is making me want to add an LMS color-reduction filter to
> the TO-DO (or do we already have that ;-)?).
No we don't have. We used to have a LMS color space which I was supposed to 
use for that kind of applications, but while I have some unfinished code for 
this filter somewhere on my computer, I never found the time to finish it, 
and the code is probably dead now, as is the LMS color space :/

Cyrille Berger

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