Krita web content drafts

Valerie valerie_vk at
Sun Feb 24 03:02:52 CET 2008

See download below:

- extract everything to a folder
- click index.html, then click links to check sections.

I know next to nothing about programming websites, save basic 
html. I've only put it up in html format just for easier 
navigation etc. 

This is a list of things that still need to be done for the 

- webpage formatting needs to be added.
- images need to be added, in particular for the home page, the 
features page and the screenshots page.
- the site needs to be updated with information on Krita 2.0. 
(for features, screenshots etc).
- all information need to be checked for accuracy.
- all links need to be checked: some are broken as they link 
to media resources or pages that I haven't included in this 
- there should be specific email addresses and locations for 
submitting documentation, tutorials and resources. This isn't 
reflected in the mock-ups, but needs to be done eventually.

Sites that are not done or for whom much of the content 
needs to be added: 
- the download page. I'm totally clueless save for that one 
- the screenshots/videos page. I have no idea how to do a 
tabbed gallery. This should be like the screenshots page of, with the following tabs: Future, Krita 2.0, 
Krita 1.6, Krita 1.4 and Historic. Also, the previews must be 
uniform in size. The description section will add if the file 
is a screenshot ("of version...") or a video.
- um... everything else needs to be checked, obviously. Some 
pages are rather empty, but that may just be me not knowing
where to find everything.

I've done just about everything I'm capable of doing though.
Someone else will have to take over from here.

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