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Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Thu Feb 21 18:38:14 CET 2008

Cyrille Berger wrote:
>> Ooh, yes, *much* better than PS's (you're only missing rotation ;-) 
>> ...and of course a phase channel). I'm glad to see octaves are there 
>> from the get-go.
> I don't remember where I got the list of options :/ Probably from where I 
> found the algorithm. I guess "rotation" is simply rotation of the cloud, like 
> I could get by rotating the layer but more accurate. It should be pretty easy 
> to add.

Right. I'm basically stealing ideas from Bryce's procedural texture 
system, which is far more advanced.

>> I'm on the fence how important pre-color-mapping filters are; it can be 
>> done (if less elegantly) by additional filter layers plus gradient 
>> mapping (but this needs to be done in at least 16-bit mode to avoid 
>> significant loss of precision). Um... there *is* a gradient map 
>> adjustment layer in 2.0, right? ;-)
> Nope, just added it on my todo list :) It sounds pretty easy to do. I might 
> even made it for krita-plugins 1.6 as a filter, a day I get bored. 16bit mode 
> is hardly an issue for Krita ;)

Well, as long as perlin outputs 16 bit :-). But yeah, gradient mapping 
is trivial, you need a function to get the color in a gradient from 0.0 
- 1.0 representing the position in the gradient, then you just call that 
with the normalized luma to do color replacement. (Though, it might be 
useful to allow selection of what channel to map.)

That brings up another idea; an "adjustment layer" that clones a spot in 
the render pipeline. So, for example, you would have an image made up of 
however many layers, plus two gradient maps of different channels 
blended in some way, like this:

{ [ 2] [clone of SPOT] } <blend op>
{ [ 1] }
--> SPOT <--
{ ... }

(Does that make sense?)

EPUN: program terminated due to egregious wordplay

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