Krita user community?

Valerie valerie_vk at
Thu Feb 21 01:55:25 CET 2008

> Not yet. Several users have stated the intention of setting 
> something like that up, and we have a domain ( and 
>, too, I think), but the work hasn't been done yet.

Aaah, sorry, my bad. If you remember my website mockups, I 
actually have over half of the written content done. I was hoping
to finish the part I could do during the Spring Festivals, but it
turned out that I had to work during vacations, and although it
wasn't all the time, it did kill all motivation for me to take on
any other sort of "work."

The content is presented in basic html that could just be copy/
pasted into the correct templates. But I don't know php or css, 
so someone else will have to add those. There are also some 
sections that I don't know how to do on my own, so someone else
will have to do those.

I'll have a .tar.gz up by this weekend for the rest of you to

"User community" isn't included in the lot, but a decently motivated
contributor could start a forum or something.

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