Good article about usability of open-source apps at
Tue Aug 5 09:36:03 CEST 2008

Good article about usability of open-source apps - here it is:

Some ideas I like and are related to me:
* Some musicians are also great composers, but most aren’t. Some 
programmers are also great designers, but most aren’t.
* Software tends to be much more usable if it is, at least roughly, 
designed before the code is written.
* ...multiple designers leads to inconsistency, both in vision and in 
detail. The quality of an interface design is inversely proportional to 
the number of designers. ...projects could have a lead human interface 
designer, who fields everyone else’s suggestions, and works with the 
programmers in deciding what is implementable.
* Develop and promote VoIP, video chat, virtual whiteboard, sketching, 
and animation software that allows easier communication of design ideas 
over the Internet.
* ...most terminal commands do not provide information on how complete a 
process is, or estimate how much time is remaining. This is traditional 
behavior in a terminal, but in graphical software, progress feedback is 
crucial. If a graphical utility is developed merely as a “front end” to 
the terminal command, it can’t easily provide that feedback.

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