Krita developers meeting?

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Tue Nov 27 13:32:00 CET 2007

The Dutch nlnet organisation is looking for research-y projects to fund. The 
amounts are around the ten to twenty thousand euro mark. I think a proposal 
to get all Krita developers together would be favourably received. We are, 
after, all innovating. Especially in the past year we've laid the groundwork 
for many very impressive innovations. It may be hard to imagine when looking 
at Krita right now, but there are some great things just round the corner for 
us :-).

I would propose something like this:

* Fund a meeting in Deventer in early April. Funding the meeting would mean 
paying hotel and travel costs for participants and also compensation for the 
holidays we all would have to take from work. 
* At that meeting, we discuss and work on Krita, but also prepare a presence 
at the LGM where we can present our work.
* We could try to invite Pippin to have an openraster component to the 
weekend's work
* Then we would apply for funding to bring us all to Poland for the LGM.

Details need to be worked out, but it's really not unlikely that we'd get the 
funding we need. 

I'd really like to have as many developers present as possible -- even if you 
haven't committed anything to Krita for months because you were busy with 
other things, then that's no reason not to come.

Boudewijn Rempt

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