Brush spacing / rotate / scale

Sven Langkamp sven.langkamp at
Thu Nov 15 22:04:26 CET 2007

On 11/15/07, Boudewijn Rempt <boud at> wrote:
> On Thursday 15 November 2007, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> > Not real-time as in 'as I drag the mouse around I see what I could
> > paint', but as in 'as soon as I draw this segment, I see what I have so
> > far'. Both PS and GIMP have this; Krita does not. Both PS and GIMP also
> > allow mixing lines and freehand, and allow you to determine when to
> > "lift the brush" (which has the pleasant side effect of making a
> > "polyline tool" redundant); again, Krita lacks this.
> Ah, I see what you mean here. You want an update while moving the pointer to
> the place where you're going to set the next knot. In 2.0, Karbon's path
> tool
> already does that -- so I guess that's going to be really easy to have in
> Krita, too.

Gimp only shows a temporary line while moving and strokes it on click.
Real-time stroking with Krita brushes would be far to slow.

The new path tool Krita just got use the create path tool from flake,
which in the future will get some nice extras like moving the path
while painting it.

> > Oh, and paying closer attention, there are a *lot* of tools that could
> > all be folded into one good path tool.
> People keep telling me that. However, rather more people keep telling me
> they
> are so glad that Krita gives them lines, ellipses, rectangles etc. out of
> the
> box. So I think we'll keep them for now.
> However, if Sven's current work on making the KoPathShape stroke using
> Krita's
> paintops works out (and it looks promising) we might indeed cut them out in
> favour of the existing geometric shapes users can drag from the shape
> selector. I suspect we'll have some discussion among the developers about
> that, though.
I have the same impression: There are many people who use Krita
because it has got these shape tools. On the other hand there isn't
much difference between the polyline, polygon and path tool. The only
difference between polygon and polyline tool is that the polygon
closes the path.

I see no reason why we couldn't mix both approaches: We keep the tools
as they are now (And all Gimp and Photoshop users can ignore them) and
add the shift-paints-line behavior to the brush tool.

For the rectangle/circle/... tools: I think we can introduce to modes:
Directly stroke the shape to the paintdevice (what we are doing now
and what should be the default) and create a Krita brush stroke flake
shape. This is how it is done in the selection tools currently, where
you can choose between pixel and vector based selection.

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