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Tue Nov 13 00:04:11 CET 2007

Well, domain name availability aside, I still can't see what value the
word "suite" adds here. It reeks of the de-humanized trite you get from
less creative marketing departments at big corps. I mean, the fact that
Adobe uses "Creative Suite" doesn't mean it's a good idea. It's obvious
that an image manipulation / painting app is a creative tool, so any
variation of "creative" is just redundant. And "suite" alone just
doesn't really seem to signify anything here.

For what it's worth, I for one prefer Atelier to Tempera, it's a bit
broader in meaning, also a bit less likely to bring to mind the smell of
rotting eggs. And as for the whole (K) issue, why bother?

Heikki Ulmanen

>>> Torsten Rahn <torsten.rahn at> 11/12/07 10:47 PM >>>

> Congratulations! Your registration request for the domain name(s)
below was
> successful:

I'd be fine with Atelier Suite as well (although Tempera smells better
;-). It 
would also have the advantage that our suite would probably occupy the
top of 
any list ;)

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