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Cyrille Berger cberger at
Mon Nov 12 13:57:19 CET 2007


On Monday 12 November 2007, Valerie VK wrote:
> From the user point of view though, size, opacity, angle, spacing
> etc, they're all the same types of functionality. Sure, you can
> explain to users the technical differences, but in real life the
> user picks up a tool and varies the "parameters" from there (angle,
> spacing for dots, how hard they press ie size and opacity).
> It took me a while to understand why developers don't put them in
> the same place. Even then, a unified editor is plain handy.
Good to have confirmation from an user :)

> For some parameters, users may not want them to apply
> across brushes (parameters such as size and angle. I actually get
> this problem with the new Gimp brush re-sizer: I scale down a non-
> generic brush, then it took me a while to understand why my generic
> round-brush was 0.5 pixels when in the editor it's 5 pixels. Eh),
> but they could be given an option in either the brush editor as
> a check box or in preferences. That's about it though.
Maybe the scale option should be reseted when the user select a brush ? But 
that could be confusing as well.

> I can come up with a few mock-up proposals of my own, if you don't
> mind that is. I'm sure the rest of you are working on enough
> improvements as is.
That would be great.

> Another thing that would be great would be a nicer brush, texture,
> gradient (etc) management systems. Perhaps a pop-up panel where
> on the left you have the list of available brushes from one
> collection (and you can switch from collection to collection), and
> to the right a "custom" collection where you can add your most
> commonly used brushes for easy access. These are what would then
> appear in the current brush selector, while the other collections
> are still accessible, but through drop-downs and other longer lists.
> This is preferable to having to wade through hundreds of brushes
> at any given time though.
It clearly can be improved, but to be honest it's not a high priority, at 
least not for me.

> Also helpful would be:
> - shortcuts to resize brushes besides the automatically generated ones
Yes thats the plan, well my plan is to use the wheel mouse. But keyboard 
shortcuts are possible as well.

> - or at least shortcuts to toggle between brushes of the same type,
> but just different sizes (for example, if a watercolor brush comes
> in 5 different sizes, you can toggle between them with a shortcut)
I think it should be up to Krita to know that there are brushes of same type 
but of different sizes and to take care to select the good one.

> - or shortcuts to toggle between the brushes in your current default
> collection (after you get a way to easily manage brush collections
> that is)
I don't see that as exclusive of the resize.

> This would be a way around forcing the program to compute for a
> resized brush. I'm not sure how difficult something like that is
> to write, but it did take Gimp long enough to implement brush
> scaling, so I'll assume it isn't that easy to write.
Well it's not that hard, I mean we are allready rescalling brushes depending 
on the pressure. I guess that the difficulty for the Gimp was to integrate 
the feature.

Cyrille Berger

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