Mock-ups proposals for an eventual Krita and "Kreative" site

Valerie VK valerie_vk at
Mon Nov 12 04:13:06 CET 2007

> *Yuck* You aren't serious about the cheesy "Kreative" name, right? 

> Hence the "quotation mark" around "Kreative" ;) 

Indeed! ;) "Kreative" was short, easy and had a "K", so I chose 
that over say... .
But it's just a generic name I chose for the mock-ups.
Obviously, I have no naming authority, nor do I claim to. :)

> I am more in favor of a definition something like "an integrated 
> subset of the KOffice project" rather than anything like "a part 
> of ... formerly known as..."

> I don't really see the need to distance krita and karbon from 
> KOffice, I see the integration as a strength, but a website 
> extolling the creative applications (who determines what's 
> creative) available for KDE can only be a good thing.

I see, since a number of people mentioned how they didn't like 
the KOffice name, I thought that it might eventually get renamed 
into something more general. Then Krita would be an integrated 
part of That (same thing with a different name, really). 
That said, what name KOffice choses to stay with is also the same 
to me. I do like your "integrated subset" wording a lot though. :)

Mostly, I made the mock-ups with the hope that with something 
visual available, maybe it'd add some motivational fuel to 
the website discussions, even if the final design is completely 
different (I'm far from a web designer, I'm afraid). But I think 
Krita could really benefit from a more organized website. The first
time I went to the current website, it took me a Real long time to
figure out what it's all about.

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