Mock-ups proposals for an eventual Krita and "Kreative" site

David Herman mesamoo115 at
Sun Nov 11 19:30:17 CET 2007

On Sunday 11 November 2007, Valerie VK wrote:
> Since people are talking again about a separate website for the
> image components of KOffice, I'm finally done with the following:
> they are mock-up proposals for the main "kreative" website and
> for some pages of the Krita website. :)

To tell the truth I wasn't that excited about using "Kreative" at 
the beginning (and realize that nothing has been decided at this 
point), but seeing it on your first mockup... I kind of like it.

I am more in favor of a definition something like "an integrated 
subset of the KOffice project" rather than anything like "a part 
of ... formerly known as..."

I don't really see the need to distance krita and karbon from 
KOffice, I see the integration as a strength, but a website 
extolling the creative applications (who determines what's 
creative) available for KDE can only be a good thing.

see ya

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