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Tue Mar 20 02:23:29 CET 2007

Hey Cyrille,

1) Did you change krita/core to install kis_paint_layer.h, kis_layer_visitor.h, etc.
Otherwise, I'm confused how it can find the include files.

2) For those us who can't/don't want to install koffice-svn to /usr/local, I experimented around
with adding a line in cmake/modules/FindKrita.cmake. See the attached patch.

To use, do something like: export KRITA_INC=$HOME/work/koffice/krita

before cmake'ing.


--- Cyrille Berger <cberger at> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I have nearly completed the switch to cmake, only the configure check for gmm 
> and the CMakeLists.txt for ImageComplete is missing, I will do that tomorrow. 
> Now all I need is some people to check that I have done everything 
> correctly ? Then we can get ride of autosuxx \o/
> -- 
> Cyrille Berger
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