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Sun Jul 29 13:25:50 CEST 2007

On Sunday 29 July 2007, Dik Takken wrote:
> Just some curiosity: Are selections and masks both internally
> being implemented as grayscale layers? 

Yes, indeed.

> Then you could allow the user to do 
> anything with them that you could do with any other layer: Painting on it
> would result in painting a selection. Blurring would expand it.

That's the idea in 2.0. I'm now on my third attempt at making it work, though.

> Using the 
> Levels tool could make the edges of the selection more sharply defined.
> Converting between a selection layer, mask layer and a normal layer is a
> matter of changing a flag. The actual pixels can be left untouched. The
> painting of selection/mask layers can be done by a special painter, you
> could actually see the selection change in the filter previews while you
> are working on a selection layer, see the mask when working on a mask, or
> the image itself when working on a normal layer. But maybe this is all too
> 'weird' and complex from a users perspective.. :)

We've already removed the filter preview, and replaced it with a filter mask 
in the layer stack for automatic preview on the image itself. I think we'll 
get what you're describing, although it's quite likely that between 2.0 and 
2.1 we'll have to do a lot of user interface polishing.

Boudewijn Rempt
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