A non-working TIFF example

Ismo Puustinen ismo at iki.fi
Thu Jul 19 21:40:23 CEST 2007

> Well I also use the packages from Ubuntu Feisty and don't have the 
> problem (on a 32bits system).
> To Ismo, what is your CPU architecture 32bit, 64bit or PPC ?

I'm on a PPC system (Mac Mini G4). Guess I should have mentioned that 
on my first mail, but I didn't understand that there might be 
processor-spesific optimizations (or endianness problems?). I'm right 
now compiling the KOffice suite to find out whether the problem goes 
away with my own binaries... 

I added a screenshot of how I see the Krita window after I open the 
example TIFF file. The screenshot is 
at http://ismo.mine.nu/example/snapshot1.png . Thanks to everyone for 
your interest in the matter! If possible, please keep me cc'd, since 
I don't subscribe to the mailing list. 

Ismo Puustinen <ismo at iki.fi>

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