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Thomas Zander zander at
Mon Jul 16 12:32:37 CEST 2007

On Monday 16 July 2007 10:54:52 Thomas Zander wrote:
> I found 3 compile problems; 
[snipped 2 kspread ones that have been fixed now]
> 3) koffice/filters/krita/libkisexiv2/kis_exif_io.h
> loads of errors probably due to missing header files.

Oh, there is another one that I don't actually see; but has been reported 
on IRC as well as it being visible on dashboard;

Building CXX object krita/plugins/filters/colorsfilters/CMakeFiles/kritacolorsfilters.dir/kis_perchannel_filter.o
koffice-688485/krita/plugins/filters/colorsfilters/ In member function 'virtual void KisPerChannelFilter::process(KisPaintDeviceSP, const QPoint&, KisPaintDeviceSP, const QPoint&, const QSize&, const KisFilterConfiguration*)':
koffice-688485/krita/plugins/filters/colorsfilters/ error: invalid conversion from 'const KisPerChannelFilterConfiguration*' to 'KisPerChannelFilterConfiguration*'
koffice-688485/krita/plugins/filters/colorsfilters/ In constructor 'KisPerChannelConfigWidget::KisPerChannelConfigWidget(QWidget*, KisPaintDeviceSP, Qt::WFlags)':


Thanks for looking into this! :)
Thomas Zander
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