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Sat Dec 1 12:25:15 CET 2007

What about a simple blur? Or is there something like edge blur? Or a glow.

2007/12/1, Uwe Andersen <uwe-andersen at>:
> Hi,
> I have not a *real* krita question but rather a more fundamental question
> regarding colour handling.
> But maybe you want to read (and answer) it anyhow...
> I created a colour bar with a black, blue, red, magenta, green, cyan, yellow
> and a white bar.
> I put the colours directly side by side. So if I take a look at e.g. the
> blue-red-border at pixel level I see that a "blue" pixel is directly adjacent
> to a "red" one.
> If I put this picture onto a video output(SDI) and then into a waveform
> monitor it shows some ugly overshots between each colour border.
> I've taken a look into a "professional" colour bar (from a Tektronix TG700
> Video Generator) and found out that the colours fade from one to another
> using five pixel for blending.
> I think my solution putting the colours directly to each other introduced some
> high frequencies at signal level.
> My simple questions are: Is there some kind of filter (a low-pass filter??) to
> eliminate these frequencies? Is there such a filter in Krita?
> If yes, how is it named?
> Kind regards and thank you for reading all this,
> Uwe Andersen
> P.S.: I created the colour bar directly in the YCbCr -Space(what is used on
> SDI) so that it can be excluded to be a colour model conversion problem.
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