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Leonardo Giordani leonardo.giordani at
Fri Mar 31 16:36:28 CEST 2006

> Hey, I said "try", not "succeed"!

Mmmm... are you sure? :-)

> Backtrace?

Good point: I wanted to ask about it but I was a bit confused. Krita crashes 
and the KDE Crash Manager pops up. I select Details (I have not it in front 
of me now, I hope the names are correct) and he says something like

"This backtrace is unuseful becouse stack was severely corrupted or your 
application was compiled in a strage way"

Since I compiled with --enable-debug=full and nothing more (except for 
--prefix), I think that probably my execution was really catastrophic.

> to/from QColor, convertToQImage, bitBlt are the main ones, as well as the
> administrative things like pixelSize, get/setAlpha.

The first two and the latter two were missing...

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