Bugs and suggestions

Christoph Bartoschek bartoschek at or.uni-bonn.de
Wed Mar 29 12:15:08 CEST 2006


I ran our tool against krita from the koffice 1.6 branch revision 523121. Here 
are some bugs and suggestions:

1. ui/kis_ruler.cc:181  
The variable stt is set but not used. Just remove it.

2. ui/kis_ruler.cc:294,291,288,271,268,265
When the switch at line 191 jumps to the default case, st[1234] remain 0. Then 
the following modulo operations in the mentioned lines result in division by 
0. If the default case is not possible, this should be made clear through an 

3. ui/kis_opengl_canvas_painter.cc:151
The case Qt::SolidLine is not possible because it is handled in the then part 
of the if condition at line 141.

When tool == NULL as indicated by line 192 a null pointer is dereferenced 

5. ui/kis_selection_manager.c:1539
Here a division by 0 can occur if xradius == 0. An assertion should prevent 

6. ui/kis_selection_manager.cc:1496
out is allocated with  new[] and should be deleted with delete[].

7. core/kis_paint_device.cc:257
The condition cannot be true because colorSpace != 0 
(Q_ASSERT( colorSpace );). If colorSpace can be 0, there is a null pointer 
dereference in lines 264,265,268.

8. core/kis_exif_value.cc:57
Is here a break missing?

9. core/kis_exif_value.cc:85
Is here a break missing?

10. kritacolor/kis_color_conversions.cc:53
One should assert that delta != 0. Otherwise there is a division by 0 in line 

11. kritacolor/kis_basic_histogram_producers.cc:127,481,404,336,197,269
Incrementing a 0 pointer. Just remove the lines.

12. colorspaces/rgb_u8/kis_rgb_colorspace.cc:1288  
Is a break missing?

13. plugins/tools/tool_polygon/kis_tool_polygon.cc:243
Is the empty if statement correct?

14. plugins/tools/tool_polyline/kis_tool_polyline.cc:263
Is the empty if statement correct?

15. plugins/filters/cimg/kis_cimg_filter.cc:471
Variable nn is used uninitialized to initialize itself

Christoph Bartoschek

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