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Thomas Zander zander at
Fri Mar 24 05:14:17 CET 2006

On Thursday 23 March 2006 23:08, you wrote:
> > bug: the crop preview is not erased and I remember that previously
> > the crop was applied which also does not happen anymore (which might
> > actually be a good thing, but ok).
> > paint some rectangles
> > select the crop tool again.
> I don't understand, isn't it a feature that the crop selection is kept
> when the crop tool is deselected ?

You think?
I think its confusing since you see something that looks like you can 
click and move but you can't.
Even drawing a rectangle over part of the thing will only delete part of 
the outline making me pretty sure there is a missing refresh.

> > bug: I can not create a new crop-rectangle by dragging one the
> > previous one still exists and shows itself when I click-drag at the
> > right location.
> yes that's right, you can create drag a new crop-rectangle, when one
> allready exist. Maybe we should a "clear crop" button in the option
> widget, but then again it's too late :(

If you think that the user really wants to continue with the previously 
abandoned crop; then a repaint is missing here as well.
I would choose to start from scratch personally which means to clear the 
crop.  Having an extra step for something that all apps I know of do 
automatically seems wrong.

I do have some show stopper bugs for KWord that I hope someone will pick 
up so there is still time left :)

Thomas Zander
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